Saturday, 3 November 2012

Valuing Another Person's Internal Realm

One's internal Realm can be seen as the property and command a person has about their inner life, their thinking, feeling and acting. No one else can really know or judge another person's internal empire. This internal realm is the Dominion of the person, although they may choose to a deity (ie, for Christians, Jesus) instead of themselves as their personal King.

For Christians, the valuation of another internal empire, as a goal, is second only to honor God. We are commanded to "love one another." (John 13:34)

We all probably know the importance of loving others through the practical means of respecting people, enjoy courteous relationships, and life as peace as we can in society. But the means of behavior in this way can be lost on us, as we struggle to be consistent and mutually caring and respectful relationships to achieve.

There is a large gap between the sometimes to know how we should behave and act that way consistently. A good example is when others hurt us and we respond by hurt them back.

To protect ourselves from hurting others, especially the possibility of us react badly because we are hurt by them, we must - first - work on ourselves.

We must have access to a secure personal identity.

For the valuation of another internal realm we must first set our own internal atmosphere and appreciate.

The importance of safe PERSONAL IDENTITY

The ability to interact with others in care and respectful ways has much more to do with how we relate to ourselves than we might realize. We can not ensure respect others if we can not, at first, the care and respect ourselves.

The more grounded in ourselves - the confidence of secure personal identity - the better the chance we have the autonomy of another person to respect.

The better we can hold our own, safe and happy in our own skin, the more we allow others to be themselves, without judgment.

If we can be honest in our own bodies, we like to allow others to stand in theirs.

The value of another internal realm is really about investing in our own development and be as authentic as we can be integral. The price we get for having let God disciple us to this authenticity - the realization of integrity - is the ability to care for and respect other people. Because we irreconcilable conflict avoidance by our care and respect our sense of secure personal identity is strengthened.

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