Thursday, 1 November 2012

Everyone Is Going Pink for October

Cancer Awareness With the hot topic on everyone's agenda this month the INMO has their own initiative to fight cancer and help raise awareness among its members.

The INMO and Cornmarket we had a great response to the Pink Power Free Breast Health Assessment Initiative nurses. It is only available to members of the INMO Income Protection Scheme.

The response in Dublin after the launch was promising. More than 48% of the attendees participated. Assessments are carried out around Dublin City all September and continue this month. Cork City and Bantry experienced a similar response with a 47% response.

But October is not all about the Pink Power INMO also running a Blue Power Initiative. The goal of the program is to promote prostate and testicular assessment available to all nurse members.

It's been a month of Pink Fundraisers and charity events all for breast cancer awareness. Besides these events were the shocking headlines of the failures of the Irish health system.

In the news we have seen or read about the woman Mrs. Fahey, who was misdiagnosed. The diagnosis came after 19 months from the day she was first referred to Barrington's Hospital in Limerick. The tests were repeatedly negative return of UCHG when they are in fact positive. These events led to the series of studies and reorganization of the cancer have improved healthcare in Ireland. This has also led to the centralization of breast cancer diagnosis and treatment in 8 specialized centers throughout Ireland.

If misdiagnosed is a terrible mistake for a hospital or laboratory, but from this unfortunate event has been improved to ensure that this kind of thing will not happen again.

One in ten women will get breast cancer in Ireland and more than 2,500 women will be newly diagnosed this year. Three quarters of these women older than 50. An average of 621 women die from breast cancer each year.

With this in mind, we must commend all the companies and people who are raising money and will continue to do so throughout October.

An example is Ever Green Health Food Stores All Pink was to raise funds for National Breast Cancer Research Institute to increase. They offer a percentage of their revenues from their most popular products, which are marked in pink in store. Even Liam Neeson stripped to pants pink for breast cancer awareness month on the Ellen DeGeneres show.

More than one in ten women are not aware how to check for signs of breast cancer. This should change as the disease claims more than 600 lives per year. The Pink and Blue Power Power for nurses is a great initiative and is a step in the right direction for cancer awareness. More than 80% of women surviving breast cancer five years or longer

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