Thursday, 1 November 2012

Sterling Silver - Baby and Children's Jewelry

Since the beginning of time, parents and friends babies adorned with jewelry for a variety of reasons. In the beginning, these pieces are made of wood, bone, feathers, stones or shells, but as the centuries rolled on, baby and children's jewelry made of precious metals and gems. The reasons for decorating their babies with jewelry changed through the ages, a display of wealth, his or her caste, or place in society to show why we decorate our children today: our love for them and a desire to have them show their best.

In more recent times, for example, the Victorian times, gold was mainly used in baby jewelry, especially baby bangles and baby brooches, and these were often set with gemstones such as rubies, garnets or sapphires. The jewelery was often engraved with the word "baby" or the child birth or Christian name. As machines took many crafts, were pieces in larger quantities and less personal. In the 20th century, for example, gold in baby and children's jewelry was still popular, but there was less engraving.

Today, personalizing jewelry for both adults and children, has become popular again. Child ID bracelets are renewed popularity. But times changed and the cost of gold went through the roof. Slowly, sterling silver was known and accepted. In the past ten years, most baby and children's jewelry made of sterling silver. The reasons are obvious: the cost mainly, but also as a beautiful, good alternative to gold. The popularity of sterling silver has risen at least 50% of all sold jewelry is sterling silver.

Sterling silver has little regard for a beautiful shine to maintain. Over the years, you may need a jeweler's cloth in sterling silver, but not more than gold. Some items have no maintenance at all. For example, those parts rhodium or platinum plated or newer invention, plated in e-gloss (and other brand names.) This silver coatings to protect against minor dents and scratches. It is these dents and scratches that dull the shine, even if they are not visible to the naked eye.

Babies and kids these days, acquiring quite a collection of jewelry especially in their early years. Why? Because they look cute in, and they love it, it's just as important to an outfit as the right shoes to match the dress, for example. More often than not, her children bracelet or necklace or earrings are made of sterling silver, sometimes studded with Swarovski stones instead of precious stones. They look just as beautiful as kids' jewelry in the past centuries, but much less expensive - so why the gift of baby jewelry or kids jewelry is as popular as it is.

The author, Jennifer Gregory owns and and has immersed herself in baby jewelry and children's jewelry for years. Fascinated by the history of jewelry, especially for children, she has done a lot of research and found important reasons for things like baby bracelets, children's necklaces, and of course, children 'earrings. The reasons have changed over the centuries, but it is difficult to argue that the current reasons (in order to demonstrate our love for our children and to help them look their best) are not as valid as the reasons of yesteryear.

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