Thursday, 1 November 2012

7 Ways Life Takes Courage

Courage can be seen as the basis for the best of life. As far as sound is concerned, courage is the asset that real progress in godliness easier.

There are seven ways of life takes courage, and this can be seen in the acronym, COURAGE

Curiosity about our own fear: if we can be curious about our fear we are honest about our lack felt, and get in touch with that curiosity leads us to a choice courage. By curiosity we opened.

Open - mentally and emotionally: open both mentally and emotionally takes courage, but it also courage. This is helped by conscious, where we use our energy, and we manage our fatigue. By openness we take courage.

Insight: It is important that we are open beyond our fears, to receive the recognition that we need to develop what it costs us individually, to courage. Understanding leads to awareness, which precedes action.

Resilience in the face of challenging situations: this is taking the tribes of the moment. It is in the most difficult moments that our resilience to come to the fore. We take courage in this way when we decide the strength of our will to persevere if we want to let go or give up.

Action to do what must be done: taking courage is not just about making decisions, it is also about having the attitude that implement decisions. We need courage in the future, even though we may not know exactly what to say or how exactly to do what we should do. If we are brave, and pray for wisdom, God will lead us in the right action.

Grace for the moment to temper, just as steel is hardened but brittle and must be tempered for toughness, grace works in our lives by helping us courage to take a subtle power. Such grace is willing to take the long way to the right way to go.

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