Thursday, 1 November 2012

How to Ask for a Later Curfew

Right, so you're younger and your parents do not seem inclined to your need to spend more time with your friends later in the evening to understand. Or night. It may be that they are over protective or it may be that you are on the wrong track. Whatever the reason, the curfew is in place and you want to extend it a bit.

First, think of the reason that there is a curfew in the first place. Think long and hard. Do not stop until you come up with reasons, real reasons. Forget reasons, such as parents crazy or old-fashioned. If that really is the case, you can not change. Think about realistic reasons. Then act. I will try to get a few things that have helped me in the same situation, when I was a kid mark. Yes, I had a curfew, and a real nasty, in the summer I had to go home when it was still light outside.

This will be a little unfair to your parents bring home the type gent they expect you to go out with. If you punks or brats in your gang, not home, do not mention them at all. Bring home the best in your child's school, the smartest girl has a great reputation, or both. Spend time with them 'permitted activities'. Additional study for school, watching the History Channel, read the Declaration of Independence, whatever. You do not really care as long as they do all this - your parents - you think she does. Do you 'mature' friends ask you for longer than permitted. Do not be ashamed to let them know that you have a curfew. Ask them to help you work around it.

In short, let your parents - or anyone - that you are responsible enough for them to extend the curfew. That your activities and interests are not linked to delinquent practices happen overnight. In fact, condemn. But your best bet is someone they trust and ask for.

Now remember one thing: if you curfew extended, do not abuse it. Usually a wrong step is all it takes and after that you're grounded until you're 21. Be responsible and think you've earned and must comply with it. The better job you to prove this, the faster the curfew will extend until it will completely disappear.

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