Thursday, 1 November 2012

Success With Cancer Means Healing The Cause Instead of Just Treating The Effect

First cancer is a disease of the immune system that did not work because they are not intended as cancer cells into the body. Your immune system is supposed rogue cells to identify and remove them, but it was not functioning properly due to the modern way we live now caused by many factors. They have a diet of highly processed foods junk food, the chemicals that find their way into our bodies to find driving directions from the products we use and our sedentary lifestyle that we lead covers.

Second, the growth of cancer anywhere in the body is only a symptom and is not the biggest problem by removing the symptom, does not address the cause and why these growths appeared. Unless you make a major lifestyle changes, cancer is only to grow again in another part of the body, because you have not removed the reasons why it first grew.

Thirdly, all cancers are a disease of the whole body and the growth itself is only the symptom. The definition of a symptom is an indication that something is wrong so you need to correct the whole body and not just the symptoms to tackle.

Physicians treat cancer, as if it were a foreign group of cells that must be removed regardless of the damage to the human body. Hence we have only three ways to treat the problem and they cut it out with surgery, burning with radiation or using a poison in the form of chemotherapy to try and remove. These are hard ways to the complex human body to treat and they do not work because they do not address the reasons why the cancer first appeared.

There is only one way to successfully deal with a diagnosis of cancer and that is to look for the reasons why it grew and remove them. Common sense should tell you that before you have a problem you have to understand the factors that caused the delete to solve. With this cancer the body to heal itself. Unfortunately in this money-oriented world in which we live, our treatments for the disease in place not because they heal, but because they are profitable.

True healing means making changes to the way you live and this gives the problem, but unfortunately no one can take advantage of that and that is why it will not be offered. If you are serious about your cancer, it means a total change of lifestyle forever. Doctors will not teach you how to maintain your health, because they do not know. They only know their three treatments to deal with the problem that they are very good at.

We have far too much emphasis on the outside of the body and how we look, but with cancer it is time to deal with the inside of the body, because that is where the problem lies. There are only natural ways to accomplish this.


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