Monday, 29 October 2012

Out Of The Box Uses For Surveillance

For most people, surveillance systems are synonymous with home and business protection, and public safety. There are however a number of other potential applications for monitoring equipment that you might not think. Let's go over a few of the more out of the box ideas and how a monitoring system able to assist you in non-safety applications.
Hunting and Animal Observation
Would you keep an eye on your bait pile for signs of activity? To select multiple hunting stands to check for high traffic, to determine where to set out every morning? With a surveillance system can do this and much more! Imagine being able to have a surveillance camera on your bait piles and hunting stands weeks before the hunting season. This way you can make notes on traffic patterns and high activity areas of your prey. This in turn will lead to a higher assessment of where to go and raise your rates for landing the big buck.
Of course you should not have to be a hunter to appreciate the application of animal watching. Perhaps you want to make your local wildlife in its natural habitat without disturbing the environment, or maybe you just want something you can use to keep an eye on your herd or more domesticated animals. Anyway a monitoring system can determine which solution you've been looking for.
Agriculture and Livestock Observation
Own large tracts of land? Have a farm with crops and / or livestock that should be checked? As we mentioned in passing earlier, you can use a system of monitoring all of this to look like you do not have the time to check if a certain part of your country. Moreover, if you have large areas of land farm many acres of crops, a surveillance system can provide a quick way to view and assess your crop growth from a central location or if your on a business trip.
Home & Landlord Maintenance
If you own multiple properties or at least a rental unit? If you live further away than you would care to every time a maintenance problem occurs ride? If any of this is true, then a monitoring system may be just the ticket to help relieve some of the stress. The idea is to install a small wireless monitoring system that your tenant to learn to work when something is wrong or a maintenance problem occurs on your property. They can simply and point the camera at the problem, and then you log in remotely to the proper course of action to adopt for that matter.
This saves both you and the tenant precious time in getting the problem solved, and it makes for a happier and better tenant also. Of course, all the above that the system can be used for property if desired.
These are just a few unusual applications of surveillance, and there are even more than

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