Wednesday, 31 October 2012

JV Giveaways - How To Build Your Email List Quickly

Many people struggle to build their list. It does not make sense to your list build to take. One of the best ways to do this is with JV Giveaways.

What is a JV Giveaway and how does it work?

A JV giveaway where like minded people get together and in exchange for offering a gift that they get the chance to show it to other people list. Hopefully some of the people will see your free gift and want to download it. To do this they must sign up on your list.

What do you need in a JV Giveaway?

The first thing you need is a list of your own. You do not need a lot of people in your list. 20 should be enough.

The next thing you need is a gift to giveaway. Digital products are the best kind of gift to giveaway. An e-book is a good example. You can find e-books all over the internet. Just type in the free e-books in the search engines. It's worth downloading a picture of the title of your offer. Save this image to your computer. You need to upload your gift so that it is online. Make a note of the URL of where your gift online. You will also need to make your squeeze page online. Again, make a note of the URL of your squeeze page. It is worth all of these items on your computer in an easy position.

Now that you have saved on your computer, you need a JV giveaway event to find. These can be found by typing JV Giveaways in the search engines. You must log on to the Giveaway that you are interested in. When you first log tons this will undoubtedly be bombarded with offers. You can safely ignore these offers. You must provide your name and email to the offer to sign. In a confirmation email you'll probably get a username and password. Keep it in the same place as your URLs, so everything in the same place.

Now log in to the JV giveaway with your new username and password. One you are logged in, click on the button contribution. On this page you will be prompted to enter the URL of your squeeze page, your image and the direct download URL of your gift.

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