Monday, 3 September 2012

Shopping Discount Codes

Personal discount codes are codes that specifically given to an individual. They can be used only by the person, and can not be shared with others or to another account. These codes can only be used once.

Unique discount codes are slightly different from staff discount codes as they are used only once, but can be used by anyone, and not just the person who was given the code, which means that if you get one of them and can not use, but know someone who does, then you could use the code could pass them, and they could instead of you.

As an off-codes, you can not use, and then they do not give to anyone else, because it would only be used for the first time.Once per account codes - these codes, the kind you often on sites to share this kind of information, as they can be used by anyone, are listed, but only once per account or per person or per household uses be. I am noting these three so different, because they are. A per account code can be used once per account, and if you as an individual have more than one account, you can use this code on each without a problem. If the code once per individual then you could use it, and your partner living at the same address they could use in their account, but they could not.

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